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Social Networking Website Personal Safety

Teenagers are reportedly the group most at risk regarding internet predators and it is important for them to be aware when using the big, open membership social networking websites.  Adults can also be susceptible so an awareness of what is being communicated is essential. A certain amount of caution and care should be taken when putting your private details on to any website. Networking online can be an enjoyable experience when applied wisely and with forethought. When posting your profile think carefully about how much information you want other users to view. Some social networking sites allow all users to be able to see your profile whether you like it or not. The more sophisticated specialty social sites like MyUpscaleDaddy will allow you to choose who should see your full profile. You should also make sure that the site you join has Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions or Terms of Service pages; make sure you read and understand these pages.

Additional to the information that you make available to other social site users, including registered members, it is advisable to tread carefully when making initial contact with other users or those that contact you.  Most social networking websites have a fairly open policy towards membership and this means that it is quite easy for anyone to register and become a member. Most of the bigger sites have automated approval systems so it is quite simple for scammers and spammers or other predatory types to register. Some profiles will not be who they say they are as frauds are very good at not telling the truth. MyUpscaleDaddy is manually moderated and checked regularly so most scam or spam profiles are deleted even before they can get started. However, if during communication you feel uncomfortable about the other persons questions or attitude or you sense that they are not telling the truth it is advisable to end the communication. All this does not mean you have to fear joining a social network; just take care and be cautious when you do.

For many people it is enough just to chat socially with others online, for some there will come a time when a face-to-face meeting is necessary. Do not go out to meet anyone who you have only known via the internet for a short period of time unless, of course, you have been business networking where you will have been able to study company background and credentials quite easily.  It is advisable to communicate with an online social or dating friend for at least 4 – 6 weeks before agreeing to meet them in person. The first meeting should take place in a public area like a popular restaurant or shopping mall. These safety measures are just a basic guide line but if you are thinking about them then there will probably be other precautions that come to mind. Remember that your well being is your biggest priority; do not worry about losing a potential friend or hurting the feelings of another person. Your safety is a much more important factor than what other people may be thinking or feeling.  

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